Monday, 29 March 2010

RNC Media Teacher mashed up by Belgian DJ

Last week I  discovered  that a couple of my spoken word tracks  ( parts of which were recorded at RNC) were included in a  radio mix  by a Belgian DJ, who added  further overdubs.  This is an interesting example of what Jaron Lanier was discussing below - except that in my case I was quite excited by the results...

Our News Banner - suggestions invited

Currently for the news banner Google is using the following keywords to select material: media; BBC; Guardian; web radio; new media; web 2.0. Can you suggest other keywords we could use to keep us updated on media in the on-line age?

Monday, 8 March 2010

Designing the web page to promote your production

With the main production tasks almost complete, it's time to think about designing the web page that promotes your product. We've done some research already into film and radio station websites ( e.g "District 9" etc for film, BBC Radio 4 drama page) but you'll need to do some more, relating it specifically to the genre of film ( action, horror, political thriller) you're promoting and the audience you're targeting. Use the Internet Movie Database which includes links to official websites for most recent films. Record this research on your blog.

Using iWeb templates or coding with tags in html you probably won't be able to match the technical or visual sophistication of a Hollywood blockbuster from Sony Pictures.

But you should be able to include basic elements of such sites - gallery of stills ( from your iMovie clips), links to the trailer, plus links to : a page about the film; a Facebook fan page or social networking link; a page about the film; star cast and production credits; BBFC certification. Include the tag-line of the trailer.

You also need to think carefully about the design elements. If you're working with iWeb, choose a simple template as a starting point. Avoid fuss and clutter. Choose fonts which suit your genre - maybe the font you use in the trailer - and colour values with the right connotations for your project. You can use a range of shapes in iWeb for encapsulating text and you can overlay images, although they won't be transparent.

There's some useful advice about web design in general here. You can also check out an iWeb video tutorial and/or visit Apple's iWeb support page.


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