Monday, 3 May 2010

Resources for Web 2.0 Presentations - etc

Whether you're focussing on film, radio, gaming  or  music, you  should investigate   - especially  The Emergence of Web 2.0,  and Participation Culture,  both presented  by David Gauntlett.   

Another good intro  to Web 2.0 issues  is Nick Potamitis's short video  on Vimeo,  a more upmarket version of Youtube.

Cultural trends  that have been accelerated  by Web 2.0  might include:

  • trans-global creative collaboration  
  • hybrid   multi-media integrating text/audio/video/animation
  • niche audiences spread globally
  • an increasingly visual culture, privileging image/icon/brand/logo   (some VI issues here)
My own on-line creative collaborations can be found  at  Culture Court,  Radio QBSaulQBSaul's Youtube Channel, and  Toxic Poetry .  There are thousands of other examples  out in the cyberspace you could explore, like "digital writer" Tim Wright's innovative approach to writing radio plays.

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