Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Week 4/5 Introduction to Post Modernism

For the next three sessions we're investigating the synergy between the expansion of Web 2.0 and the  growth of a post-modern digital cyberculture.   The first session will give you an over view of Post-Modernism. In the two subsequent sessions   you'll be doing an assignment exploring these connections with relation to specific media texts and patterns of audience consumption.  You should be thinking about media productions that have post-modern features e.g:

TV:   Big Brother, The X factor, Dr Who, The Simpsons
Film: Avatar, The Matrix, The Truman Show
Music:  MTV, music videos

In addition to the handout   and the Power Point presentation ( email docs to follow),  you'll need to refer to Music and Post-Modernism   and Theoretical Approaches to Post Modernism.  

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