Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Week 4 - Essay Guidelines - Media in the On-Line Age

The question:  What has been the impact of the internet on media production; and how has it affected consumer behaviour and audience response?

In your discussion you should compare the main area you've investigated with another medium - perhaps by looking at the way  the two have converged. OCR examiners advise  students to  cover three aspects of the topic.  This can also give you a structure for your answer.

Historical – dependent on the requirements of the topic, candidates must summarise the development of the media forms under discussion,  when relevant to the question.  You need to show some awareness  of the medium  in its pre-web or pre-digital state.

Contemporary – current issues within the topic area.   I have given some prompts in earlier posts.

Future – candidates must demonstrate personal engagement with debates about the future of the media forms / issues that the topic relates to.

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