Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Week 3 - Audio in the Online Age

When investigating effects of Web 2.0  and digital technology on radio and/or  the music industry,  you could consider:

  • copyright & intellectual property issues
  • peer-to-peer downloading, torrenting
  • sampling, mash-ups, remixes
  • death of the album?
  • bedsit recording/ web radio  prosumers
  • on-line audio collaboration
  • podcasting culture
  • new strategies for   distributing music
  • web radio & the global niche audience
  • web radio - is it "radio"?
  • new  ways of interactive music making

For an overview of web radio issues, see the conclusion of  Chris Priestman's Web Radio

For  contrasting views of the future of the music industry see   an official corporate view  (upbeat)  and a blogger's view  ( pessimistic).  There's a debate on the issues here.

For new possibilities in  collaboration and on-line interactive music making, try  Squidoo.    You could also refer back  to  links in my previous  post  and to the posts on Jaron Lanier.

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